Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[TOP SELLING] Most Popular Production Music by World Beyond in the Last 28 Days

Popular this month:
Epic, intense and tragic, this composition is designed to be used in cinematic trailers, extreme sports videos, gaming media and alike. Check out the staccato strings intro, epic drums accompanied by angry synthesized bassline, horns and electric guitars in this fast-paced hybrid trailer composition Breakdown.

The Corporate
The Corporate is a relaxing but focused background composition featuring synthesizers, mellow piano, electric and acoustic guitars and orchestral strings. Ideal for presentations, infographics, commercials, podcasts connected with business, science, technology, information, etc.

Edge of The Razor
Aggressive guitar driven hybrid trailer track for cinematic montage and action videos. Dirty synths coupled with loud trailer drums, orchestral strings and brass set a dark and dramatic mood ideal for creating epic visuals.

Inspired by Mass Effect, this powerful uplifting composition will work best for sci-fi, fantasy, documentary productions and cinematic trailers. Featuring symphonic orchestra, piano, mixed choir, epic drums and electronic synth, it can be used with long shots, slow motion footage, action footage (second half), aerial footage and movie titles. A version without vocals is included.

Corporate Motivation
Light motivating upbeat music theme featuring strings, piano, electric guitars, electronic bit and percussion for use in commercials, presentations, videos concerning business, working in a company, corporate achievements, etc. Looping version for background play included.

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