March 17, 2013


- Road Notes -

It has been a long while since my latest post appeared in this blog and many things both good and bad happened to me. In spite of having no time to compose music I try to steal every little bit of it from other activities including (unfortunately) my studies at the university. But I hope I'll catch up.
Have a listen to one of my newest creations while I'm making a list to pinpoint the most important things so far:
Here it is:

  • Built a new PC for work (Asus P8Z77M, Core-i7 37770k, 16Gb G.Skill 1866,  128GB SSD Plextor M5S, 1 TB Western Digital Caviar Green, BD-ROM Pioneer)
  • Discovered a website called Newgrounds which appeared to be so awesome I still don't understand how I've never heard of it before. Signed up.
  • Took part in Mac13 February Orchestral contest. Lost it but actually improved my skills tremendously.
  • Wrote a couple of audios for Audiojungle and removed some of the non-profitable compositions to keep the profile at its best.
  • Just finished my first collaborative work with a British musician Nick Standing
I found this guy on Newgrounds and was quite impressed with his skill. After a week of close cooperation I uploaded the result of our work to Newgrounds, Soundcloud and and it constantly received a heap of positive reviews and much love. I liked the experience a lot, Nick is pleasant to talk with, he knows his trade and I believe there shall be more of joint project with him in the future. The expression is getting hackneyed but for me our modern world is really becoming a global village.
Enjoy our brand new "international" Audio:

Nick Standing on Newgrounds:
YouTube channel: