May 8, 2013


First and foremost, I would like to congratulate everyone on the Victory Day which is traditionally celebrated in Russia on the 9th of May. History is the best evidence that peace that we have now (not everywhere sadly but in most places) is the most valuable thing on Earth which is just a small pearl fragile and defenseless in face of human military aggression.

Secondly, I tried to update the look of this website. The new ideas may seem easy to implement, but for me, not an artist by trade, it took quite a while to get everything done and I'm still not sure if everything's on its place and has the correct shade of blue.

There is some news as well.

I've been working on a new project with Lars Warink, a talented artist and programmer from the Netherlands who is developing a game of his dream - Skyreef. Me and Nick Standing are here to help him with the music tracks and game design ideas. Hopefully, that one will work out well, because the game looks really cute and it's not even in alpha stage yet.

There's a young team Perpetual Motion Developers from Germany that maintains contact with me. They have an urge to create unique games and I hope I can help them with that.

Lacryel, an artist from Newgrounds who paints amazingly beautiful and cute creatures, not to mention ladies, showed interest in animating something to Everything We Stand For. The plot she revealed sounds awesome and I'm really hoping to see it in future.

Mountains of Gold doesn't look like losing its popularity. It ranked #5 in Top 100 on and recently, a flash developer Louissi PM'd me on the matter of using it in his flash game. I got Nick's approval and now you'll be able to hear World Beyond's piece in a lovely medieval game.

Audiojungle account is starting to attract more buyers and I have new plans for it too. Mainly, I'm planning to upload my first cinematic pack consisting of remastered versions of Heroic and The Struggle backed up with the new Crusader and Ascendant as both received highly positive feedback. Heroic will feature rebalanced thicker sound as now with the help of my new workstation I'm able to use all the orchestral brass instruments in one project. Besides, the wav-version which wasn't included with the original item before this time won't be missing.

Oh, and I'm going to buy an ocarina as soon as possible! Ever since I first heard this instrument I could not forget it. I once even had a dream of it and, well, isn't that a sign? :)