July 17, 2013

JULY UPDATE: Long Time No Hear

- Road Notes -

Some people did notice that I almost disappeared from the web lately. It can be explained by my final examinations and then entrance examinations as I decided to take a post-graduate course after receiving my diploma in translation. The decision will allow me to keep on producing new pieces and go even deeper into the subject because from now on I'm going to study the linguistic nature of music. Hopefully, I will have enough research material to fill this blog with interesting and useful information in the nearest future.

Speaking of the site, as you may have noticed there's now a new tab under the logo.

This is the Portfolio of World Beyond where the visitors may find all our openly published audio files both free and available for purchase.

Disqus commenting system was added making it easier for everyone to express their attitude and type in a line or two under the post. Seriously, go ahead and try it :)

Minor design revamp also touched our Audiojungle Front Page. The goal was to make it neater and not too fancy. The final look is not achieved yet but you can already see where it's heading.

What concerns the primary activity for WB, I've finally got down to working on a few pieces.
  • First of them being a birthday gift will be published on Newgrounds and then spread to the rest of the project's branches. This is going to be yet another BY-NC-SA piece featuring piano, cello, female choir and melancholic mood.
  • The Skyreef project - another key focus for me - will benefit from the new open world theme. With the help of Nick's 10 mighty fingers and his guitar I'm planning to finish the city theme and then switch to the combat experience. Besides, Nick has already composed a separate audio for the Crowley boss fight.
Now, the good thing is the readers of this blog can check everything out by themselves! Just follow
 this private link to listen to the extracts from the upcoming audios.

And I guess that really is all the news for today! Take care and see you in the World Beyond!