September 27, 2013


Welcome back everyone! 
This has been truly a month of releases for WB as I managed to upload to AudioJungle two brand new cinematic pieces Decision Made and Running Out of Nights where I tried to lean towards the electronic kind of soundtrack music. The item Sirius Sector which had received good criticism on release but wasn't really popular among customers also got an update.  With this revamped version I minimized the amount of muddy distorted synths replacing them by spiccato cellos, added brass section, action drums and finally by doing general mixing tweaks I turned it into something you can check out here.
New material allowed me to replace the old AudioJungle bundle by Ascendant Cinematic Pack, which now sounds exactly like it should and contains a uniform set of trailer pieces. The new bundle, entitled Bounty Hunter Cinematic Pack contains the new semi-electronic tracks and The Struggle which I though would fit in the company really well. Why Bounty Hunter? I think it's because this is an old profession that nevertheless made it's way into science fiction thus combining the features of different ages, just like the symphonic orchestra and computer generated sounds are combined in this pack.

I'm continuing my work on the Skyreef soundtrack with almost completed Kingdom Combat Theme and a solid mock-up of Chronicals City Theme approved by the guys. Can't do without setting these two aside for a while, though, because there's a need to get down to a more important project - the title theme for the whole game that would encompass all the varieties of its factions and locations. This is a very responsible mission for me and Nick, because the title theme is what makes impression and it's also something people will associate the game with.

Being a huge fan of The Witcher video game series as well as the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, I decided to take Adam Skorupa's soundtrack from the first game as the basis and produce a cinematic piece that one could hear in a trailer. The composition will follow shortly, but I've already gathered a few positive reviews. Hopefully, you're gonna like it too.
I guess, that's about it. Stay tuned and brace yourselves for verily I say unto you, the era of the sword and axe is nigh, the era of the wolf's blizzard.

I'm about to start taking my postgraduate course in the theory of language with the focus on music vocabulary, so apart from composing I'm also collecting literature on the matter. The schedule will be busier next month.

P.S. in case you attach to your products READMEs or PDFs with hyperlinks, I must say it's extremely easy to make them in Power Point where you can even use animations, so I highly recommend the import to PDF function.