November 21, 2013


Don't you think music is twice as good when backed with imagery? It happened so that in a short period of time World Beyond project gained a few more splendid videos to showcase the potential. Click "Read more" to check out how they make use of World Beyond soundtracks:

Skyreef is a project by Lars Warink we've already posted about earlier. It is a huge open-world side-scrolling role-playing game, set in a vast world of flying islands. The flying islands are held together by a mysterious mineral called Molnite, a material so powerful that it caused a separation of a once peaceful kingdom. Many years later, you were born. Are you the one who’s going to make a difference?

Create your own gear, ranging from simple swords to steampunk shotguns, fight lots of monsters, win (or lose?) wars between the factions, explore the many skyreefs and, most importantly, choose the right side. Are you the good guy, or the bad guy? Are you going to betray your own people, or are you going to ignore it all? The choice is all yours.

Visit for more information and for music.
The official website is under construction!

Celistic Brascot 6 is a videogame currently going through its crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGO.

Sci-Fi TPS RPG set in the futuristic universe of Celistic created by Dennis Langley will follow the countless books and artbooks published within the 6 years of this media project's life
This is a story about the necessity of permanent choice - personal and professional - made by the main character, Benson Miles, in whose heart the love, friendship and devotion are born. The guys have already found the most skilled professionals and need your support to help these 3d-render quality sketches, designs, music and, most importantly, the amazing story become a reality.

French YouTubers from the Tonnerre de Brest channel were looking for some epic action music when they stumbled upon my works. The intense themes put a new slant on the video :) You can download Destined to Rise and Combat from World Beyond on SoundCloud for free.

BetaMotion is an AudioJungle author that specializes in production of all sorts of 3D renders. You might want to pay him a visit in case you need some. In this video you can hear a fragment from Future Obscure.

That's it for the update. Thanks for reading, watching and listening. Hoping to add "thanks for playing" at some point in the future!