July 5, 2014


So, what have we been up to this summer?

Nick has recorded some guitar parts for Skyreef City Theme which are very well done considering it wasn't the easiest job. Kudos to Sir Nicholas Standing and I'm now working on mixing down my and his material for the game. The idea for the city theme is to make 3 separate pieces that have the same structure but different arrangement so that when travelling along the Kingdom you can hear the tune changing, depending on the certain area of the city.

Also, the war theme has finally been composed for Skyreef. It's not ready to be inserted in the game, though, as it's lacking percussion and is yet to be divided into contextual parts. But that's a good start and, besides, Lars should be working on a secret video involving that very composition which, I believe, will turn out to be quite enjoyable ;)

The Oroliga project is yet another work front with several looped music pieces currently in production. Minimalistic and dark, the soundtrack is inspired by Kai Rosenkranz's Gothic 1-2 music. I myself can't wait to hear the compositions in the game. Hoping to see a playable build as soon as possible. Just like the game, the full Oroliga soundtrack will be a free download.

There is a new Celistic: Brascot-6 video in plans. The team is working hard on the game and mainly the NPC models and I think we have a few ideas on how to showcase the development process in a creative way.

At last, there are several fan-made compositions for RPGArea.ru being prepared to be published on the WB YouTube channel and SoundCloud. Two of them are already finished and connected with computers and titans. If all goes well, the third will be completed by the end of the summer.

That's about it for now. Follow the news on our Facebook and Twitter pages and until next post!