August 17, 2014

[AUGUST UPDATE] Beyond YouTube Releases, Videogames, Voice Acting, Summer Heat and Hardware Choices

The summer is coming to an end and it means there isn't much time left to accomplish everything we have planned to do. However, the two videos mentioned earlier have been uploaded to YouTube. Making them took a lot of time (and publishing took even more) because this time it wasn't just music production: many takes of voice recording for the Russian and English versions of the Becoming a Titan trailer went into that, I recorded quena for the first time and double tracked it with ocarina.

Nick helped a lot with the English text for the trailer somewhere in between diligently working on his orders. And when he was through, he came up with this awesome electronic piece that seems to have taken in all the warmth of this summer and many positive feelings you can read about in description.

The Oroliga RPG by GameWay Studio (which now also resides at benefited from two music themes that had been long in production and kept getting put aside because of some more urgent stuff. These are the City Night and the Xardas' Tower compositions. Actually, I tried to implement some of the Oroliga spirit in the Risen 3 tribute audio, Becoming a Titan, as well as to showcase my voice acting so that the project subscribers had a better idea of what we're doing aside from the visuals which are now being rendered on CryEngine (yay, the team has switched to a full-fledged engine!). There are already some terrain screenshots from the alpha version:

Lars Warink have been drawing some new monsters which he keeps a secret for now (but probably we will see some of them soon on the Skyreef page). It's been more than a year that he contacted me on Newgrounds for the first time which is so odd but explainable. Time flies, we get carried away by our studies and money making. Being an indie developer isn't easy.

Speaking of studying, I'll probably have to drop music for the most part for a while as I need to catch up with my dissertation (if it's not too late). I intend to return somewhere in October with a new game inspired video and skyreef music and, hopefully, with brand new Equator D5 monitors.
I decided there won't be much space for D8 ones on my desk and besides my room is really small, so, probably I'll consider getting a subwoofer in future (which is better than 8" speakers anyway, as it can go all the way down to 32 HZ). I think smaller monitors will also be easier to transport, they're cheaper and should have better middle-end clarity compared to bigger models. I hope that these boys will allow me to produce the free 'Blackholecore' album I mentioned in the past at its best and will provide me with a good basis for production of all the new compositions to come.

I think that is all for now. Hope, you will enjoy the videos, the music and my amateur voice acting ;)