October 10, 2014

[OCTOBER UPDATE] Trailer Music Contest, New Commercial Licenses, New Video, Equator D5, Jabun Audio, Apotheosis, Augury, Mental Omega

Alright, it's time for a new update on the things inside World Beyond. Here's a little rundown of what you'll find in this pot:

1. AudioJungle Most Wanted: Trailer Music
2. New video
3. Commercial licensing options for some of our Creative Commons pieces
4. My monitors arrived
5. Jabun Audio site launch
6. A new game by Lars Warink - Apotheosis
7. Card game Augury by Emily Hershey
8. Command & Conquer modification - Mental Omega

1. As mad as it sounds, I'm participating in the AudioJungle Trailer Music contest with the following composition: Why is it a bad thing to do?
Firstly, because I barely have time for that. Secondly, the level of competition is crazy with some of the best trailer music composers from AudioJungle participating as well as fresh blood.
But why is it a good thing?
Too tempting of an opportunity for promotion to miss it so let's see how it turns out.

2. World Beyond released a trailer-like video dedicated to teachers featuring the composition 'On the Shoulders of Giants' and footage from various movies about this profession.  I should thank Nick Standing for his help with both mixing 'On the Shoulders of Giants' and proofreading the English subtitles for the video. Don't forget to turn them on:

3. New announcement on the matter of commercial licensing for the compositions that were previously available only for non-commercial use:

4. My Equator D5 monitors arrived in September and so far I'm loving them. Big thanks to Marty Bradley from Equator Audio Research for his assisstance and help throughout the purchase process.

The first thing to notice about them is the stereo imaging. It is indeed unmatched, I have never heard any speakers with such precision before. The second thing I noticed at first was the difference in frequency response between these and my Sennheiser HD 280 PRO headphones. I'm really used to monitoring stuff with my Sennheisers and I just love them so much I listen to everything with these headphones. I was trying to figure out what was that feature of the Equator D5 sound that puzzled me. Then I compared their graphs.

Frequency response Sennheiser HD-280 PRO:

Frequency response Equator D5:

Obviously, you can see that drop between ~70 and ~300 HZ... which now is how I'm used to hear the sound coming from my audio card. This is why the abundance of these frequencies in my new desktop monitors surprised me so much at first, but I guess it's time to wake up. Actually it's good to have these a bit different sources of sound for different purposes. The headphones sound more dry compared to the new desktop monitors and it's good to check the mix on both of them making the most optimal adjustments. Whether or not the quality of my productions benefits from the new Equator D5, you can see for yourself at the example of  'Overcome' and 'On the Shoulders of Giants'.

5. Nick Standing launched his website Jabun Audio offering all sorts of audio services. I've worked with Nick for quite some time now and I know perfectly well how diligent he is and the level of dedication and professionalism so I highly recommend visiting his newborn enterprize.

Check out this awesome song he produced for the Swedish rapper Cyberdevil:

And here's an example of videogame background music by Nick:

6. Developed by Lars Warink, the man behind Skyreef, Apotheosis is a hardcore arcade game of battling with ancient gods to become one yourself. The project is rapidly developing and chances are one day it'll beceome your favourite time killer. Here's a screenshot of an early version where you can see one of the boss battles:

7. Emily Hershey contacted me on the matter of using one of my songs in her Kickstarter video for the card game Augury and instead I composed a short intro and an outro based on her wishes. There's also a possibility of cooperation on a bigger scale, so follow the updates on the project to stay informed.

8. I was also contacted by one of the developers of a Command and Conquer modification recently in order to use some of my audios in their project. Mental Omega is being developed by the Mentalmeisters, a team consisting of the original Mental Omega creators and people who joined the mod as fans, who became active beta testers and contributors with influence on the finished product. This free unofficial expansion pack for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge has already earned many awards on ModDB including:

ModDB Mod of the Year 2006 - Top 100
ModDB Mod of the Year 2010 - Top 100
ModDB Mod of the Year 2011 - Top 100
ModDB Mod of the Year 2012 - Top 100
ModDB Mod of the Year 2013 - Top 100

Well, this seems to be already a rather extensive post and I think that's about it for now, folks! Thanks for dropping by and until next time!