December 3, 2014


Dead Planet was one of the first compositions by World Beyond. Back then there was no official logo, no idea of what the project should sound like. So I came up with this. As far as I remember, due to the lack of skill, a lot of time and effort was put into it, despite the minimalistic sound. I enjoyed the unusual key switch, the distorted drum kits, but ended up tired of working on it and finally uploaded the whole thing to Soundcloud. 

You obviously have already seen what the planet looks like from one of our logo variants - in our World Beyond it is one of the celestial bodies in the orbit of Lost Sol. Now it's time to get down on the surface!

Dead Planet was supposed to be the part of the first World Beyond album along with Escape, Lost Sol and a few other unreleased tracks. The subject of that album was spinning around space exploration after the earthmen left their homeworld. I think I won't let the unfinished audios go gently into that good night and find them a proper use (I already have, it is only a matter of time when and in which context you'll hear them). But for now I suggest we go back to the year 2011 and listen to the ghostly voices of Dead Planet.