February 18, 2015

[NEW RELEASES] Destroyer, Dramatic Underscore, Corporate Idents

Release the Destroyer!

Now that I have your attention, it is only left to say that this aggressive trailer audio can finally be licensed on AudioJungle. Hit the shopping cart button in the top right corner of the preview or follow this hyperlink.

Destroyer Rock Trailer
Powerful hybrid composition for action trailers featuring heavy guitars, hard lead, massive drums, strings, horns and movie-style percussion. Bass drops leave enough space for clean editing, while additional short edit and metal edit versions will make it possible to do what can’t be done by cutting.

Contents of the ZIP:
  •     Destroyer (short).wav/.mp3 – 1:05
  •     Destroyer Rock Trailer.wav/.mp3 – 2:00
  •     Destroyer (short metal edit).wav/.mp3 – 1:05

Dramatic Underscore
A looping cinematic audio with a bitter feeling featuring piano, staccato strings and female vocals for use in tragic or anxiety-driven scenes.

Contents of the ZIP:

  • Dramatic Underscore.wav - 1:04

Several corporate idents were published on AudioJungle earlier, follow THIS LINK and check them out. The new items are based on piano accompanied by smooth bass, subtle percussion and synth so they are pretty much universal and might come in handy in all sorts of production.

These are all updates for now, expect more music in the coming days.