February 21, 2015

[NEW RELEASES] Sorrow; Cinematic Underscore, Follow Your Dream re-published

New additions to our AudioJungle portfolio arrived. One of them, anxious melancholic piano composition Sorrow is a brand new AudioJungle exclusive, while the other two - good old Follow Your Dream and Cinematic Underscore has just been re-published to the non-exclusive account.

As usually, in order to license those production audios for your awesome projects, just click the cart/buy button in the top right corner of a corresponding preview.

Also, our main AudioJungle page has been improved featuring a new convenient way of sorting items from both of our accounts. We've grouped all our tracks into several categories according to the three main criteria: Category, Format and Instumentation. Instead of reading about it, we suggest you go and check it out yourself by clicking the screenshot below:

Hopefully, it'll make your interaction with our library even better.

That's all for today! Thanks for following our updates and until next time!