February 10, 2015

[NEW RELEASES] Stormbringer, Running Out of Nights, Ancient China

This week, we're introducing new compositions that has just become available for licensing.

Running Out of Nights: Trailer is a revamp of the original composition with a different development and climax.

Stormbringer, a hybrid trailer piece which some of the AudioJungle members including PhilLarson and EricProchnow already checked out in the commentsis finally out featuring massive sound produced by heavy guitars, thick drums and synthesizers. Rock music fans won't be disappointed.

Finally, Ancient China is a world music loop that can be used as an underscore for documentaries and other types of content connected with the Celestial Empire.

"I can imagine a Chinese Emperor, the ruler of all under heaven... let it be the Kangxi Emperor... sitting in his garden in the Forbidden City. He is drinking jasmine tea and looking at his consorts, 24 sons, and 12 daughters playing merrily by the river. Btw, Kangxi was also a successful military commander and is considered one of the greatest Chinese emperors." - Maria

To license these compositions right now, simply click the shopping cart button next to the title and get acquainted with different options provided by the markerplace.

That's it for today, stay tuned for more as we have a lot of items on AudioJungle waiting in a reviewing queue at the moment. Until next time!