March 17, 2015

[NEW RELEASES] Epic Cinematic Build Up, Fantasy Trailer

This week starts off with the release of two new Envato items by World Beyond.
One of them can be heared in our SoundCloud / YouTube greeter and is now distributed under the title Epic Cinematic Build Up via AudioJungle:

Epic Cinematic Build Up is a hybrid track starting with mellow piano chords followed by cinematic strings and electric guitar as the theme builds up towards the climax with a small pause and thick heavy drum hits afterwards.

The other audio is for fantasy content producers, it's called Fantasy Trailer:

Fantasy Trailer is an orchestral composition designed for fantasy themed projects.

Contents of the ZIP:
  • Fantasy Trailer (piano version).wav/.mp3 – 1:21
  • Fantasy Trailer.wav/.mp3 – 1:13

If everything goes as planned there will be more compositions to expect in the coming days. Stay tuned and thank you for considering World Beyond as a source of production music for your projects.

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