March 22, 2015

[NEW RELEASES] Positive Travel, Corporate, Tragedy Theme

Positive Travel and Corporate have become available for licensing.

Get this audio from here:
Positive Travel is an upbeat composition written for travel and holiday TV shows and casual videoblogs. Featuring drums, piano, bass, stings and synthesizers, it will not interfere with the narrative with all the details remaining audible and distinct even on low volume level.
Contents of the ZIP:

    Positive Travel.wav/.mp3 – 3:46

    Positive Travel (loop).wav – 3:46

The other audio follows the footsteps of Corporate Motivation while offering a more reserved and serious attitude:

Corporate is a calm but lively semi-electronic background composition designed for corporate presentations, online workshops, commercials, podcast etc. Piano and strings combined with various atmospheric synthesizers and electronic percussion create a great modern underscore for business and technology.

Finally, Tragedy Theme:

Tragic emotional composition to accompany a scene of failure, loss, parting, mourning or disaster aftermath. Orchestral arrangement makes it work for movies, anime, film and game teasers and trailers.

That's it for today's update. 
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