June 13, 2015

[INTRODUCING CLIENTS] Mountains of Gold Used in Building a Trail to Elliott Mountain Video

It is when videos like this come out you realise that your music is worth something more than money:

The description to the video says:
"Burt Elliott spent decades building and maintaining trails in the Ventura County Mountains before he passed due to cancer at the young age of 81. To honor him the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) named a mountain peak, Elliott Mountain. A proper trail needed to be built to the summit.
The Santa Monica Trails Council teamed with COSCA to plan a day. Zdonb, a respected geocacher, created a CITO event. Approximately 18 geocachers joined an equal number of volunteers to widen, level and properly grade the majority of the Trail to Elliott Mountain.
This is the video of the effort".
Seeing our composition Mountains of Gold, which we recorded and produced with Nick Standing a couple of years ago, being used this way is awesome. Every once in a while, when people implement one of our songs in their own projects, you learn something new and the world gets a little bit bigger. You realise that we are all connected one way or another and even when we pass away, we live on in the memories of those who knew us.