September 23, 2015

[SEPTEMBER UPDATE #2] Winter Legend Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & More

Dear friends! 
My name is Vladimir Kuznetsov and I'm the founder of the production music project World Beyond. This year, I'm taking my first publicly available orchestral album Winter Legend to the main digital stores including iTunes and Amazon. I believe that this kind of music has its fans and it is my second attempt to reach them. I'm also planning to release another album in 2015 and it will be of a different genre to see what kind of music performs best. But right now Winter Legend by World Beyond is available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, stream it on Spotify, YouTube and more, and if you can, share your impressions with me so that I could improve my next work knowing exactly what you like and dislike about my music. 

Buy and listen:

Kind regards,
Vladimir Kuznetsov