September 2, 2015

[SEPTEMBER UPDATE] New Releases, New Channel, ContentID, Jamendo

Greetings, friends! At the beginning of a new season, it is time to make a few announcements concerning additions to our royalty free music library, new ways of music licensing, future plans and so on. 

During the past month, our AudioJungle library got a few new items in the category "Cinematic: Action". These are: Crisis, Towers Fall, BreakdownLet's Play Electronic Rock and one "Folk" category item for commercials and video blogs - Fishing.
Most of these were produced way before the break and were originally meant for a different market.

But after careful evaluation we’ve decided to register our royalty free music library with ContentID in order to protect it from unauthorized use. If it has affected you, please, do not worry and use this guide to easily clear copyright notices. You may also choose to do nothing at all if you don't monetize your videos and don't mind ads running over them. Additionally, we are here to provide our personal support when necessary such as authorizing the use of music (video link required), whitelisting your channel (for regular customers), preventing any future copyright notices connected with our music. Send all your inquiries to and we'll sort it out together.

A new separate YouTube channel was created specially for production music. This time you won't see any sophisticated montage videos or narrated trailers there - it's all purely about music. Starting with corporate items, followed by orchestral and hybrid productions, this channel is meant to be World Beyond's free to listen catalogue of royalty free production music. And, thanks to digital fingerprinting, with no watermarks to stand in your way! Download links are in description!

Switching to ContentID will not affect our Creative Commons library of free music. All these tracks are only free to use in non-commercial projects, unless you acquire a license from Jamendo.

That's all news for the time being. Looking forward to deliver more music for content creators in the next few months, so stay tuned and thank you for considering World Beyond as a source of music for your projects!