October 10, 2015

[TOP SELLING] Most Popular Production Music by World Beyond in the Last 28 Days

Acoustic guitar, piano, violin and flute go fishing in a positive folk-inspired music piece designed to be used in videos about outdoor activities: hiking, geocaching, traveling, camping, fishing, kayaking, hunting videos, podcasts and presentations.

Epic Cinematic Build Up: http://t.co/2oO19JdCGU
Hybrid track starting with mellow piano chords followed by cinematic strings and electric guitar as the theme builds up towards the climax with a small pause and thick heavy drum hits afterwards.

Let's Play Electronic Rock: http://t.co/AM4nWCPlej
Driving gaming/sports music featuring electric guitars, synthesizers, tight kick and snare drums and a huge portion of energy to power up any kind of modern project.

Epic, intense and tragic, this composition is designed to be used in cinematic trailers, extreme sports videos, gaming media and alike. Check out the staccato strings intro, epic drums accompanied by angry synthesized bassline, horns and electric guitars in this fast-paced hybrid trailer composition Breakdown.