December 6, 2015

[NEW RELEASE] Squadron 42 inspired "Homecoming: Part Two"

Some time ago, one of my Star Citizen videos made it to the Fan Spotlight article on the official website and spread from there to many fansites around the world. It was an unofficial trailer "Homecoming: Part One" which I made with the game footage just to make the original piece of music more entertaining to listen to. And it just happens so that I planned at least two such compositions. Finally, the sequel, this time dedicated to Squadron 42, is out and I'm happy to introduce to you the new trailer and the new song.

With voiceover:

Without voiceover:

Welcome to the next chapter of Homecoming. Inspired by the game universe of Star Citizen and everyone who is contributing to its development, the Homecoming project is meant to show all the beauty and grandeur of the new title by Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games. This is a tribute to the amazing multicultural community which is more than just gamers or backers, but a real proof that United Empire of Earth is already here and together we can accomplish anything imaginable, no matter the borders or political situation.

With music created in cooperation with my British colleague Nicholas Standing and with the assistance of my friends credited in the video, this chapter based around the quote from a song famous in the CIS region with lyrics by Vladimir Voynovich - the cosmonauts' anthem "Fourteen Minutes To Lift-off". The original piece of poetry in the trailer was also inspired by the song and written in collaboration with Svetlana Ivanchikova (the lyrics are in the description of the trailer).

Have fun watching and don't forget to comment! Chances are, this is not the end of Homecoming.

Kind regards,
Vladimir 'xiiinon' Kuznetsov