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What we offer:
  • We offer Musical Works in 16-bit 44.1 kHz WAV format bundled with a Regular License for synchronisation in PDF format
  • Our Regular License allows you to create one End Product for yourself or one client as long as End Product is larger in scope and different in nature than the Musical Work. Examples of End Products: a single production or a thematically connected series of presentations, online videos, corporate videos, web promos, live performances, social media, Indie Film
  • The License includes the right to utilise the Musical Work through communication to the public (performance), display, distribution, and reproduction with the exception of broadcast use and theatrically released films
  • The License provides the right to permanently clear automated copyright claims by AdRev or HAAWK on YouTube.
How to purchase:
  1. Choose a track 
  2. Click on the cart item on the right 
  3. Select "Zip File #1: WAV Track & Non-Exclusive Contract"
  4. Click on "Check out"
  5. Use your PayPal account to pay for your purchase
  6. Check your E-mail for the Order Receipt by Tuneport with the download link
How to clear for YouTube:
  1. Open the link: for AdRev or for HAAWK
  2. Enter your name, E-mail, YouTube video link and attach the Regular License PDF from the Zip File you purchased 
  3. Submit your form
  4. The claim will be released within a few hours
Additional info:
  • Contact us at and we'll answer your questions as soon as possible