November 2, 2014

[NEW RELEASE] Whatever We Were Before

We are proud to present to you a new addition to our "Inspired by Games and Movies" collection. This is:

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Jabun Audio

Dragon Age games have always had some of the best soundtracks in the industry. Inspired by these visuals and amazing music we came up with our own composition dedicated to the fans and everyone involved in the production of this breathtaking series.

This time we wanted to do something extra special and so I asked Nick to shake the dust off his cello which he kindly agreed to do. However, I always like to take it one step further with this whole 'Inspired by...' thing, so I asked him to film himself playing and send the footage over to me. This was my first experience with keying in video production, and Nick and I did our best to make it look nice, from the search of a filming location, to thinking through how it could appear in the video.

By the time I received the footage and audio files, the composition wasn’t even nearly shaped. The final structure was completed just a couple of days ago, as I began work on the video.

I borrowed some trailers from an official BioWare account on Vimeo, each with the original uncompressed files.  These were greatly useful in creating the music video you see today, and for that I am greatly thankful.

It's strange working on this kind of project. You're using all of your skills from language, graphic design in GIMP and video editing in Premiere, to music production in FL Studio, playing quena, etc.

World Beyond requires me to use everything I've learned through the years, and what I've earned too. The same goes for Nick with his multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer/singer/songwriter/sound engineering portfolio.

We really hope you've been enjoying our creations so far and that we’ll be able to continue surprising and entertaining you with our collaborations in the future.

Whatever we were before, we are now the Inquisition.