September 18, 2020

SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Rewind Machine, Nick Standing, Pathogenesis:Overcome

A lot has happened since the last post. World Beyond Soundtracks published a new NAFTSIDI music video "Rewind Machine" - in the form of a production diary where you can see behind the scenes photos and videos of our gear and work process:

April 12, 2020

Music Video Premiere: Awaken the Giant


Circa four billion years ago, six asteroids of unknown origin simultaneously reached Hadean Earth still scorched and melted from the collision with a massive space object. The six quickly sank, buried under lava. For eons they remained trapped in stone, cold and silent until the first human civilizations scattered across the globe, found these relics in the cracks of the Earth's crust, and carved statues in shapes reminding that of a human body. But civilizations emerge and collapse. Abandoned for hundreds of years, these ancient statues corroded and tumbled down. And yet, at the dawn of the 21st century, private researchers calling themselves Beyonders located each of the statues and began reconstruction in secret from world governments. Disguised as historical objects, massive structures were erected on top of the relics after ancient blueprints recovered from Babylon, Atlantis and Yucatan. Today the work completes. At last, the giants must awaken. 

December 12, 2019

[STOCK MUSIC FOR VIDEOS] Carol of the Bells

Buy and use:

The most cinematic Christmas carol turned epic. 

Based on Ukrainian traditional Christmas song “Shchedryk”, this orchestral version of the world famous holiday composition is designed for film trailers and cinematic Christmas promos – a fine example of a classic orchestral score suitable for all tiers of production. Featuring woodwinds, strings, brass, drums and percussion with harp and optional sleigh bell, World Beyond’s “Carol of the Bells” is a full orchestra arrangement, mixed and mastered to impress.

November 27, 2019

The Elder Scrolls Soundtrack Violin Medley

Marica and I are excited to finally share with you this new instrumental cover based on not one but several musical themes from the offical soundtracks to the legendary The Elder Scrolls games. Available for streaming and purchase at:

Seamlessly transitioning from Morrowind's Nerevar Rising and The Road Most Travelled to Reign of the Septims and Skyrim's Dragonborn, this medley is meant to embody the very spirit of the series calling back to the best moments of each game.

October 11, 2019

Spooky Halloween Trailer Music for Videos: Wizard Academy

In the light of approaching Halloween, World Beyond is happy to introduce a thrilling and spooky orchestral soundtrack piece - Wizard Academy.

If you're a content creator, you can use it in your video or other media project for a one-time fee:

Wizard Academy is a cinematic trailer piece straight from a witchcraft and sorcery adventure film. Dynamic, unpredictable and spooky, it immerses you into the world of dangerous spells and powerful wizards. Starting with a calm menacing intro it quickly picks up the pace and grows more dramatic and powerful as horns and orchestral drums enter and then fade out in the middle giving way to a quirky theme only to return again and strike in unison with the female choir. Designed for Halloween Projects, Film and Game Trailers, Movie Reviews and Vlogs.