November 5, 2022

New Album Blindsight Available 11.11.22

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When the war is over, all that is left is but a rotting corpse of what could have been. In time, new grass will grow on the graves of the people who threw themselves on the gears of war to stall them. But they will never know about it. It is up to those who live to make the best of their legacy.

When I was working on Mindshell, I felt alone. It was a lot like writing profound letters describing in details what was happening inside of me - the war and chaos raging, corrupting me from the inside. I was sending these letters into the unknown and never hearing back. No response, complete isolation, cognitive darkness. I held onto that darkness in hope I would one day be able to sense something in it that would draw me back into the light.

Stumbling, falling, crawling I was blindly following that path I had chosen. Over time, it started to feel like I wasn't the only one on that path, I just couldn't see the others. Side by side we were all walking in the same direction.
It could take several billion years for a photon to complete its journey across the universe and finally reach its destination, yet because it moves with the speed of light, for a photon there is no concept of time - from the perspective of a photon, this journey must be next to simultaneous. One could say a photon always knows its destiny.

The ability to look into the future from the darkness of today and see something that doesn't yet exist where we are headed is what makes us human. A promise of a better tomorrow. I want World Beyond to inspire those looking for their own path to strive for humanity and benevolence above all else because in this we shall never be alone. The only war worth fighting is the one inside our minds.

After a long wait, our new album Blindsight is finally available at online music services featuring remastered Mental Omega tracks with live instruments recorded by Maritza Vilibic (violin, vocals) and Nicholas Standing as well as original works. It took dozens of hours to finish each track and the final days have been the toughest. Just as much time is needed to animate the videos, so I hope in the end the wait is worth it.

With special thanks to Speeder, Nicholas Standing, Maritza Vilibic, David Klein II, Anthony G. Houde and 厄普西隆心灵专家.

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September 7, 2022

Switching to a New Distribution Company

In the light of my current music distributor Routenote not being able to process payouts due to the British government sanctions I've made a decision to move our discography to another distribution company. Routenote has been very helpful with resolving my issues all this time, they quickly responded to support tickets and overall did their best to make our tracks heard worldwide and as much as I'm sorry to leave, I think it will be for the best for both parties. This will be a gradual process which may result in duplicate releases or some albums being temporarily unavailable on some platforms. I wouldn't want all the time you spend listening to our music or the money you invest in it go to waste and I hope for your understanding. 
Just a friendly reminder: you can become a member of the World Beyond YouTube channel to receive bonus tracks, images, exclusive videos, discounts and a lot more to come to support me as I'm getting our next album Blindsight ready for release.
Thank you. 
Kind regards, Vladimir

February 18, 2022

From Chaos Lyric Video

Introducing the new music video of our new song From Chaos from the recent single Revolt. With motion design by Vladimir Kuznetsov and 3D model elements by David Klein II, this lyric video is based on the original artwork "Attack on Yuri's Tower" by the artist LinkNov. It was a fun but challenging project and our third attempt at animating the game art of Mental Omega.
For the first time ever this video is also available on our new official Bilibili channel: World_Beyond.
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January 24, 2022


Revolt becomes vocal. Featuring three new songs: Nobody is Safe, Revolt and From Chaos, this is our first release of 2022. In the upcoming single dedicated to the final chapter of Mental Omega, we touch upon the subject of the freedom of thought and freedom of speech in modern age. With our privacy being slowly but surely taken away by forces we cannot control, as it gets harder to navigate in the never ending stream of information, one could raise a question: just how much of our thoughts come from our personal experience and how often our views are being swayed by public opinion and social media algorithms? Can we even discern between our natural desires and those forced upon us?

Nobody is Safe is a song about being defenceless in the face of oppression. Spending days in isolation waiting for a knock on your door. Paranoid and dramatic, it features a piano performance of one of the musical themes from the original song Revolt. The choice of instrument is a reference to the use of piano in the film Schindler's List. The choir is lamenting "nobody is safe anymore now" as male vocals are calling to warn others while there's still time, this song is a set up to the alternative metal piece that comes after.

Revolt, previously available as an instrumental in the second World Beyond album Nobody Asked For This So I Did It, gets a redesigned intro with Nicholas Standing's lead guitar setting the mood from the start. The message is simple: don't let anyone control your thoughts. There are forces that will take the best in you and turn it against you without you even noticing. Even when everything feels okay, it could be you're only being held hostage in your comfort zone oblivious, disarmed and unprepared. This is the angriest track of the bunch, with loud and punchy drums cutting through the powerful bass and lead guitar performance by Nicholas Standing. Featuring additional female vocals by Maritza Vilibic and an emotional screaming part by Nick.

We all come From Chaos. Whether you trace back the origins of mankind to heavy chemical elements born in the cores of collapsing stars or the very human history from our tribal feuds to world-scale military conflicts. This is our fate, to come into existence and shape the world around us until we fade away, reborn in the hearts of new generations. In the synthetic hybrid blend of the instruments the melody is born. With energetic string arpeggios following the rhythmic electronic pattern, vocals and piano enter manifesting what it's all about, repeating over and over again an octave higher and finally leading up to the climax with the original theme of Remnant brought back as the source of undying hope and the will to move forward.

These three songs form a complete musical work with the beginning, the middle part and the closure, and will be available on 2.2.2022 on all major stores and streaming services worldwide.

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