March 20, 2015

[FEATURING] Animated Musical Skit by Fun Station for Kids and Jabun Audio

Nicholas Standing, the founder of Jabun Audio, member of the World Beyond project and a great friend of mine is going to participate in a Kickstarter fund-raising campaign by Fun Station For Kids. These folks have produced amazing cartoons for children together such as Dinosaur Alphabet, Three Little Raptors and Pirate Alphabet and already have over 5 million views since the whole thing was started in Summer 2013!

Here's what Nick has to say about the upcoming campaign:

"The big announcement is that we're launching our first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a new animated music video and hopefully a corresponding children's book (depending on how much is raised)! The song/video will be about sharing and will feature TRex and his family! We have on the project our usual mastermind and animator, a great duo of voice actors, and myself doing the audio Post-production and Music (a total of 4 of us).

As the animators especially among you know, these kind of projects take a whole lot of time, especially when you're working from different time-zones/continents and in small teams where 1 person could be doing the jobs of 5+ people in a professional studio. If we had $1 for every view, that'd be great, but unfortunately that's not quite how it works, and ad revenue alone doesn't nearly begin to equate to the time put into these things (especially with all the adblocking apps out there). We make these animations for the people watching, and to inspire people, but we need help to keep it going.

The Kickstarter campaign is set to commence on March 24th (this coming Tuesday) and I've attached the first of the promotional posters to give you a taste of what it'll look like! If you like the project, it'd mean the world to me and the other team members if you'd take a moment next week when the campaign starts to spread and share the Kickstarter link to as many people as you can.Tweet it, email it, blog it, Facebook it, any little help would be greatly appreciated. As they say "Sharing is Caring".

Thanks for the heads-up, Nick! I would like to wish good luck to the amazing team of creators behind the dino-universe, they do wonderful things full of kindness and fun so if you have kids (or just enjoy animation yourself), supporting this campaign is something to consider. 

Get ready for March 24th!