June 26, 2015

[INTRODUCING CLIENTS] The Remnant Got Picked For The New Mental Omega Trailer

This trailer reveals a completely new side to a popular mod for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, which has already completely redone the vanilla sides of the conflict and retold the epic story of the Allies vs. Soviet fight via completely new campaigns.
This new 4th side will appear as a result of the altered storyline and players will finally see the world changing beyond their comprehension, with the soundtrack featuring several pieces by World Beyond to accompany their conquest.
Among the new arsenal, there will also be units voiced by yours truly Vladimir XIIINON Kuznetsov. One such example is the Irritator, which can easily throw enemy forces into a disarray with an experimental confusion ray.
If you want to pick some additional tidbits about the mod itself, then this would be the best page: visit Mental Omega.
If you would like to purchase the soundtrack from this trailer for your own project, follow this link.
Or get a free non-commercial version of this track below: