October 18, 2015

[NEW RELEASE] Optimistic Background Music "Corporate Grade"

Get your production license for the song: http://bit.ly/1QHXXcB
Background image (CC-BY): http://bit.ly/1PlLJrQ

Corporate Grade is a light electronic composition featuring piano and electric guitar. It is designed to be used in presentations, motion graphics, commercials, documentaries and inspirational videos.
"Royalty free" means you acquire one music license for a particular number of projects / size of the audience and don't have to pay any additional royalties to the rights holder every time it is played. If you're buying a royalty free production license for YouTube, simply contact AdRev with details of your license and video afterwards: http://adrev.net/contact-us or ask me to whitelist your channel: contact@worldbeyond.net All copyright notices are cleared within 24 hours.

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