December 18, 2015

[INTRODUCING CLIENTS] Star Citizen Video by Das Kartell: Bereich Forschung - Staffel Pyxis

Check out this epic fan-made video by Das Kartell, the biggest Star Citizen organization in Germany, featuring our track The Remnant!
Get the audio from here:
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In a world where information is the strongest weapon and there seems to be no place for feelings, where victory means everything and weakeness is being mercilessly punished, what difference one person makes depends on that person, depends on you. Reconnaissance, archaeology, science, astronomy, cartography, mining, space combat, trading, ground combat, escort. Four detachments: Brawlers (escort), Hammerheads (enlightment), Labrats (research), Raiders (ground forces). Come fly with us!
Thanks for using our music in your project, Das Kartell! See you in the verse!