January 20, 2016

[INTRODUCING CLIENTS] Ambu Inc and their video presentation of aScope™ and Aura-i medical tools

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It is always nice when our music is being used in videos connected with the equipment designed to save lives. For this video, a medical company Ambu Inc. has chosen our track Suspense to present their new tools:
In an airway rescue situation, where the end-game is to intubate the patient, the Aura-i™ can be used as a conduit for direct endotracheal intubation assisted by the aScope 3 or aScope 3 Slim. The aScope 2 can also be used for the same purpose. The aScope 3 can be used with ET tubes from size 6.0. The aScope 3 Slim can be used with ET tubes from size 5.0
The airway tube is designed to allow easy passage of an appropriately sized ET tube. The recommended ET tube size is indicated on the connector block of the mask. The Aura-i comes in a complete range of 8 sizes, suitable for infants, pediatrics and adults.
Note: Aura-i is Rx-Only in the US.
Thank you for coming to us for background music, friends! Let's make this world better together!
Visit Ambu: http://www.ambu.com/

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