March 20, 2016

[MARCH UPDATE] Command & Conquer: Mental Omega OST, New Licensing Options, Better Than The Book on the Radio

Mental Omega. If you're an avid Command & Conquer fan, chances are you're familiar with this incredible modification to Red Alert: Yuri's Revenge. Bringing a new side to the conflict, the Foehn Revolt, the developers decided that a hybrid of orchestral, electronic and rock music will be the best soundtrack for this new faction. And that's what World Beyond has to offer.
"You might already know World Beyond if you searched for the full version of the music we used in the Side 4 Reveal Trailer, The Remnant. Vladimir Kuznetsov returns with yet another great piece of soundtrack, a tribute to the Command & Conquer: Red Alert series - The Last Line of Defence. This song will also appear as a part of Mental Omega's Foehn Soundtrack, who, just like the three original sides of the conflict, have their unique soundtracks in our mod. More songs will be revealed in time." - Speeder
This is a quote from their recent update in which they talk about the latest additions to the arsenal in Mental Omega, including new Foehn equipment. Definitely check it out. On the Mental Omega OST you'll find a mix of some of the best hybrid songs by World Beyond, some of which have never been heard before or those specially reworked to better reflect the Revolt side of the game, so keep an eye on that project.

As you know, World Beyond offers music you can license in multiple ways. Stock music, tracks for personal licensing, free Creative Commons downloads and now it's time to introduce rights managed music. This is a new subset of our library with PRO-registered compositions targeted at a different market. Already you can check out our page on Music Dealers to get acquainted with the licensing options. 

In case you haven't seen our earlier posts, Nicholas Standing, a World Beyond co-composer, released a new album with his Better Than The Book project entitled Two Years On. You can find it on Bandcamp and all the good digital music stores online. Pleased to tell you that Nick's music officially made it to the radio. You can read more about it in his blog and this is exactly the kind of exposure he deserves. Congratulations once again, Nick, on this exceptionally well-written and heartwarming album.

That's all major news for now. Thank you for your time and you're always welcome in our world!