March 15, 2016

[NEW RELEASE] COMMAND & CONQUER: RED ALERT tribute - The Last Line of Defence

Download the track: The Last Line of Defence

Command & Conquer - this series of games needs no introduction for an RTS player. Countless hours spent gathering resources, developing the base, trying out different tactics and listening to the amazing music by Frank Klepacki. Millions of fans around the world, record sales, one of the strongest modding communities to date. Among those games, the Red Alert subseries is a quirky satire, an insane mix of national stereotypes and science fiction that is pure fun. This is my tribute to the developers and fans of Red Alert.

All footage and images used in this video are property of Electronic Arts.
"Command & Conquer: Red Alert" is a series of RTS games developed by Westwood Studios and EA Los Angeles. Musical work "The Last Line of Defence" is written and produced by Vladimir Kuznetsov of World Beyond.