May 10, 2017

[NEW ALBUM] Nick Standing presents "Daydream" by Jabun

The long awaited electronic album by Jabun has finally arrived. Inspired by the work of such renowned artists as Pink Floyd and Gorillaz, Daydream puts you in a very special place of synth heaven where you feel genuinely happy.  The album starts and ends with a beautiful ambient composition Dreaming: Parts I-VI which can be described as the epitome of heartwarming.

Here's what Nick has to say about his new work of musical art:
After 5 years of making music as Jabun, I finally release my debut full-length album, Daydream. In each track I hope you find a feeling, and enjoy the music. Feel free to explore the track descriptions here on Bandcamp for an insight into the inspiration for each track. I hope you enjoy them.
Daydream is available on Bandcamp: and other major digital music stores online:

released May 4, 2017
All track were written, performed and produced by Nick Standing [Jabun]. Artwork, images, photography and poetry by Nick Standing [Jabun].
I'd like to extend a huge thanks to a number of people who made this album possible.
Firstly, to my girlfriend, Eva. Without you this album would never have come to be. Thank you for continuing to inspire me every day with your love and for all your support, for this album and everything else.
Secondly to my brother, Eamon. Thanks for keeping me inspired, being someone to constantly try to outdo (in a good way), and for all the gifted synths and other gear throughout the years. I hope you're happy to hear them put to good use!
Next, a huge thanks to my testing team, Vlad, David, Anthony and Eamon again. Thanks for all the support and for always being there to make sure I'm sounding my best and bounce ideas with. No doubt this album wouldn't be nearly as good without your detailed feedback.
Lastly I'd like to thank the rest of my friends and family for their general support, anyone listening or reading, who's left me a comment or message or simply enjoyed the music, and all the artists, producers and musicians who've inspired me throughout the years. Without you, there'd be no music and no-one to listen to the sounds I've poured my heart into.
Thank you again to everyone who helped make this album possible! I hope it brings you many hours of listening pleasure. 
Jabun is Nick Standing and anything he can find in the moment to create his beloved chill / electronic / jazzy / orchestral music project. Feel free to keep up with his other musical endeavours and adventures on the JabunAudio Website, Facebook and Twitter.

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