September 1, 2018

[AUDIO TIPS] New Issue of Jabun Audio Monthly Newsletter is Focused on Recording Vocals and Different Types of Microphones

It's the beginning of another month which means another #JabunAudio music production newsletter has been sent out! This month we're looking into Dynamic vs Condenser Microphones for recording vocals in the studio, why Nick Standing opts for a Shure SM58 stage microphone for recording vocals, and why you might want to do the same depending on your situation!
If you’re recording in a less than ideal acoustic environment, as opposed to a vocal booth which has virtually no reverb, then a condenser mic may pick-up these room reflections when recording, or maybe even noise from outside if you’re not working in a soundproofed room. It may not sound significant, but if you’re going to heavily compress the vocals later on in the mix, these reverb tails and other artefacts will be amplified giving a less direct sounding vocal in the recording.
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