September 18, 2020

SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Rewind Machine, Nick Standing, Pathogenesis:Overcome

A lot has happened since the last post. World Beyond Soundtracks published a new NAFTSIDI music video "Rewind Machine" - in the form of a production diary where you can see behind the scenes photos and videos of our gear and work process:

Rewind Machine is the closing track from the album "Nobody Asked for This So I Did It" by Vladimir Kuznetsov and Nicholas Standing, the melodic tradition of the early 20th century reborn as a punk rock instrumental, optimistic and determined. This is our warm send off to the music our parents and grandparents grew up listening to from a completely unexpected perspective.

Welcome to a behind the scenes of our music production. From gear showcase to graphics and audio work process, from facing failures to overcoming them, draft artworks and unused designs in one condensed video that is a crazy blend of our lives.
Nick Standing released his first metalcore cover of the song Warrior (originally by Ke$ha). This is the first track of his new side project Jabun [Alternate Reality] available to Patreon subscribers:

For those who appreciate music above lyrics, an instrumental version of his latest album "Hopes and Dreams" is now available for streaming and purchase:

Vladimir Kuznetsov has been working on the soundtrack for game developer 269th Lab's debut role-playing game with extensive tactical elements - Pathogenesis: Overcome.

Pathogenesis is an isometric 3D action RPG with survival elements and real-life combat tactics. The game takes place in Leningradskaya oblast (outskirts of "the second capital" in Russia), during a global pandemic of 2023. Centered around those who survived, it tells a story about finding your place in a destroyed world, where the greatest danger does not come from the infected.