October 19, 2021

Mental Omega Trailer, Frostpunk Medley, New Single By Better Than The Book

The time has come to watch the season finale trailer for the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Mental Omega mod. Featuring From Chaos by World Beyond, this is a massive showcase of the hard work, dedication and spirit which made it all possible: http://mentalomega.com/

Nicholas Standing released one masterpiece of a song 1314 in which he tells the whole story of the relationship with his girlfriend Eva. A truly memorable way to propose to your loved one. Get the song on Bandcamp: https://betterthanthebook.bandcamp.com/album/1314-single

Finally, Maritza Vilibic, Nicholas Standing and I have been working on the new soundtrack medley.  Featuring two amazing musical themes Frostpunk Theme and One the Edge Theme by Piotr Musial, our new track will be available on the 1st of November at online stores and streaming platforms, we invite you to add and pre-save it at the link below: https://show.co/AQQq4iJ