September 11, 2012

FEATURED RELEASE: Destined to Rise

Destined to Rise was actually my first major step towards symphonic music, more of a trial of strength as it seemed back then. A huge fan of Piranha Bytes fantasy worlds, I always wanted to do something to extend my deepest gratitude to these amazing game developers, and one day I, inspired by the main music theme from Risen 1, decided to reinvent it.

First published on fan-site, Destined to Rise has been used in the series of voice acting samples by Akella Publishing Company and a video review by with the original video on YouTube now having more than 9,6 thousand views. Things like these really give me strength to carry on.

Proof links:
Game character: Patty
Game character: Nameless Hero
Game character: Bones
Game character: Jaffar
Game character: Chani
Game character: Venturo
Playground: Risen 2 preview