February 2, 2014


Unbelievable! People keep coming from the game House of Wolves by Louissi looking for the upbeat guitar/orchestral song Mountains of Gold, which we did with Nick Standing a YEAR ago! Well, to simplify your search, here it is...
...along with the news about how 5 other Creative Common tracks by World Beyond were featured on Sportsnet in the hockey documentary "Mike Keenan's Russia: Full Access".

So, the compositions that made it are as follows:
Combat (feat. Nick Standing), Nebula, Deep Within, Serenity, Everything We Stand For (feat. Nick Standing).
I should thank Bob Torrens and Verne Lindquist for the amazing documentary they put together. These Sportsnet producer and cameraman spent their New Year's Eve in Yaroslavl, Russia filming the Lokomotiv: Resurrection episode before setting off to Magnitogorsk, the home of the ice hockey team Metallurg. The way they combined my piano pieces with the video in the Yaroslavl feature is really emotional. It's also been a pleasure interpreting for these guys and I doubt there are Canadians more kick-ass than these two. I suggest you watch the whole thing to appreciate the work they did. It's an interesting story of the legendary Iron Mike now coaching for the Russians.

And the last but not the least important piece of information is that Witcher's Tale has been republished after a couple of months of oblivion. Back in the days I was tired of working on this fan music piece and not entirely satisfied with the sound of it which is the reason for this new remastered version. I guess, the time has come...

That's it for this entry. I'm currently very busy catching up with my dissertation so no music planned for the foreseeable future unfortunately. I do have a few more things to announce, but those can wait.