May 15, 2014


I posted earlier on Twitter that the composition Winter Legend wasn't in fact just a standalone single. I thought it was time for this project to go further and start publishing music that not only producers would find interesting, but everyone could enjoy and afford, in the shape of theme-based albums. I'm happy to announce that today the work on the Winter Legend album has been finished. As I'm writing these lines, I'm listening to the tracklist of 8 pieces, some of which were previously available only under royalty-free licenses. It also contains a piece you can download for free from the World Beyond SoundCloud page - Everything We Stand For. With this album you get the unspoiled .flac version and support the amazing British musician Nicholas Standing who recorded guitar specifically for this track. The playlist for Winter Legend is as follows:

1. World Beyond - Introduction
2. World Beyond - Winter Legend
3. World Beyond - Land of No Justice
4. World Beyond - Future Obscure
5. World Beyond - Showdown
6. World Beyond - Interlude
7. World Beyond - Brand New Day
8. World Beyond feat. Nicholas Standing - Everything We Stand For

That doesn't mean, however, that we're no longer producers-oriented. On the contrary, the Audiojungle profile will give you these tracks plus looped versions, vocals-free versions, logos and excerpts that may come in handy in production. Stay tuned and you will not be disappointed.
Also, expect a promo-video for Brand New Day on our YouTube channel very soon.