May 15, 2014


I dedicate this album to my parents, who sent me to music school when I was a kid. I think they wanted me to be a singer or that I played the piano, but I ended up fiddling with a DAW in front of the computer. These people never criticize my music tastes whatever it is that I listen to, they are always very supportive and patient. I think they never forced me to study something I didn't want to with the exception of music, apparently (LOL). All the best personal qualities that I have are thanks to my mom and dad (and all the worst are my own achievements). I hope that one day I will make them proud of what I will have accomplished.

Also, since she's a big fan of the "How to Train Your Dragon" franchise, I dedicate the song "Brand New Day" to Sveta. The history and development of World Beyond as a soundtrack project began thanks to her and the music I come up with is as dear to me as she is.

Finally, big thanks to sir Nicholas Standing for participation, for his incredible skill, all the help and many pieces of advice.
Watch our music video "Brand New Day" on YouTube: