November 19, 2014

[FEATURING] Inspirational Video from Sweden - New Supported Employment Method

What if our music could help those with special needs to get a job? 
In order to raise awareness of a new supported employment method, Henrik Montgomery from Gothenburg, Sweden has made a short video featuring our composition Everything We Stand For:

NoHALC-metoden from NoHALC on Vimeo.

The text says:
"Our society is full of competence,  full of people who want to work, people who could contribute to development,  to our community but never get the chance. How long should they have to wait? How many resum├ęs should they have to write? When will be their turn to take part in the creation of our future? We work to give everyone a meaningful life, a place to go to contribute and to grow".

The song seems to be meant for this kind of projects. We hope the video will inspire people to never let go off the hope of finding a decent job and thank Henrik for contacting us! Good luck with this noble initiative!