December 11, 2014

[PREVIEW] Artwork for Homecoming: Part One

If you've been following us on #Twitter or #Facebook you probably know that the next #InspiredByVideogames chapter is dedicated to Star Citizen. I've wanted to do this one ever since I heard of Chris Roberts launching his first crowdfunding campaign. Chris is the creator of many legendary space simulation games including Freelancer, which was my first ever experience of that kind. Right now, when World Beyond productions have finally reached the necessary level of quality, I feel that the first part of Homecoming will be a worthy tribute to both Freelancer and Star Citizen. I set aside everything in order to finally complete it because I just couldn't resist writing it - the idea has been haunting me all the time. As for the cover, I tried to make use of the ideas put into the original Star Citizen logo, and made my version more 3D and hi-tech. To stress the importance of this release and also the end of the 2014 #InspiredByVideogames season, the frame of the single art is painted black. 
Stay tuned for this year's final WB release.
And meanwhile...

Here are a few desktop backgrounds as a bonus:

The resolution 2560x1440 should be enough for most of the screens. Download from DeviantArt