December 16, 2014

[NEW RELEASE] Homecoming: Part One

I have a confession to make. When I was a kid I bought a pirated copy of Freelancer - there was simply no other option to get this game in Russia at that moment. I remember as I installed it, as the game warned me that my graphic card (GeForce MX440) might not be supported and then I clicked OK. After that I became a devoted fan of Chris Roberts. From the first seconds of that CGI-intro and to the latest Star Citizen development update. As I studied English I replayed this game again and again, picking up more and more plot details (there were no subtitles in the dialogues, unfortunately). I was very upset to know the sequel was never coming out. But then, in the era of digital distribution, this game happened. And despite being set in a different universe, it really feels like a homecoming. The ship designs, the characters from the promo videos, the very atmosphere (forgive me that oxymoron) of space - all of that has already inspired me to produce several compositions for work. But now it is time for a true Star Citizen tribute the way I see it. I entitled this one Homecoming: Part One, because there is also the Squadron 42 campaign and many different modules I could dedicate the next compositions to. So, I apologize for that long intro and finally present to you this addition to the marvelous collection of music that's already been built by the vast and powerful community of citizens:

Free downloads:
BandCamp (flac, mp3, aac, ogg, alac)
Jamendo (mp3)

Proofread by amazing Nicholas Standing from Jabun Audio, the text in the video is a translation of my own verse entitled "World Beyond" ("Мир за гранью" in Russian). There are several version of the Homecoming video including music clip, Russian version and English version. Same goes for the audio - as you can download both instrumental track and the one with vocals. I also would like to thank Anthony G Houde for his part in the final testing of the English Trailer version.
Overall, it took me nearly a week to prepare this new #InspiredByVideogames chapter and hopefully you'll find the results satisfying! 
Thanks for visiting our World Beyond and see you in the next season! Happy Holidays!

Русская версия:

- xшnon