February 4, 2016

Better Than The Book: Two Years On coming February 6th 2016

Good day, friends!
I have a very important message I'd like to share with you. My British World Beyond colleague and great friend, Nick Standing, is about to release his next ska-punk/pop-punk album entitled "Two Years On" within the "Better Than The Book" project. This is a huge event for me, something I have anticipated for a long time. I have followed Nick's progress from start to finish, taking part in testing. The moment I listened to the first song of the upcoming album, I knew it was going to be something incredible.

The final result exceeded all of my expectations. After a few years of working with Nick and getting to know him as a person, I know how much care, love and effort he puts into every single one of his productions. And it's never been about money or fame, this is music for the sake of music, it is a passion to create something incredible, something life-changing, and put one's soul into the vocals, one's life experience into the lyrics, one's energy into instrumentation and the best skills into production.

I've had the opportunity to listen to "Two Years On" several times. There are no fillers on this album, every song is important, every song is unque. It's about living your life as your heart tells you to, dealing with difficulties, overcoming issues. Surely, many of you will be able to recognize yourselves in his songs. "Two Years On" has powerful messages that will help you get through even the darkest moments of your life. Only one person could write, perform and produce something as incredible as this album and I'm proud to know him.

Kind regards,
Vladimir Kuznetsov
Better Than The Book - Two Years On
Better Than The Book's first full length album.
Coming 00:00 GMT to Bandcamp February 6th 2016
01 - Ignition
02 - Homecoming
03 - Hearts Racing
04 - Undead Education
05 - Channel Surfing
06 - Cathode Ray Days
07 - Make Your Mark
08 - Wireless Networks Available
09 - Re: HipHopPunk
10 - Head Above Water [Feat. Cyberdevil]
11 - The Bigger Picture
12 - Confessions