February 6, 2016

Better Than The Book: Two Years On is HERE!

The moment has finally come to listen to the brand new punk rock album by my friend Nicholas Standing, who has worked on this release for months. In my previous post I've told you that "Two Years On" is a one man effort. From songs to publishing and cover art design, with a guest artist Cyberdevil appearing on two tracks to add wicked rhymes to those incredible songs. But enough words, guys, let the music speak for itself:

The album is worth every British pound. Buy it, send it as a gift, share the links to the Bandcamp page and let's make it a great launch together, because if there's an independent artist who deserves a warm welcome, it's Nick.

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Better Than The Book - Two Years On 

I think the album itself speaks more than I could explain in a few words here, but I'd like to share some kind words which mean a great deal to me from my colleague and friend Vladimir Kuznetsov: 
released February 6, 2016 

\\\STOP HERE/// For a spoiler-free experience, please read these credits after enjoying the album! 

All track were written, performed and produced by Nick Standing [Jabun], with additional writing and vocals from Bob Axell [Cyberdevil] on “Re: HipHopPunk” and “Head Above Water”. All samples used are either property of Nick Standing, royalty free, or are in the public domain (as appropriate) with notable credits as below. Artwork was drawn by Nick Standing [Jabun]. 

I’d like to extend some special thanks to a great few people who made this album possible. 

Firstly, a huge thanks to Bob Axell for his contributions to “Re: HipHopPunk” and “Head Above Water”. It’s been such a great project to work on together and I’m already looking forward to meeting you in our next collaborative musical endeavour. 

Next I’d like to thank my big brother Eamon for always trying to outdo me and giving me something to chase and drive me forward, as well as lending me his Korg MS-20 for the synth leads in “Wireless Networks Available”. I promise you’ll get it back this time, unlike one of your guitar stands ;P 

Next, a huge thanks to my beta testing team: Vlad (who also made a fantastic typography pre-release video for the album featuring track 02: “Homecoming”! See it on YouTube here: tinyurl.com/jzazg9r!), Anthony, David, Sam, Roxy, Bob, Eamon and Eva for kindly providing feedback on the album and artwork during its progress and at the end, as well as just being a great bunch of people. This album wouldn’t be half as good without your help. 

Another huge thanks goes to Thomas of e-instruments lab for putting all that time and effort in helping me getting some software working on my very old laptop, instead of saying “Time for an upgrade, mate”. Without you there would be no horns, and I can’t thank you enough for making that dream a reality! 

Thanks to Andy too, who blasted his vocal chords in the gang vocals of the “One Small Step” EP (and guitar in “Woof Woof, Nag Nag”) without which, this album would have nothing to follow, as well as his general support and distribution suggestions. 

Lastly I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone else who’s been a part of my life especially in the last 3 years for inspiring the songs on this album as well as your support. A huge thank you to Eamon again, my parents for putting up with the occasional rumble above the kitchen, my lovely girlfriend Eva who’s really given me the inspiration and strength to follow my dreams and stay strong amidst the struggles as well as for the lovely anniversary presents which helped to make the album art, to my other friends and family for their support, discussion and inspiration, and finally thanks to you who’s reading and listening, without which there would be no-one to hear the music I’ve poured my heart into. 

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this album possible! I hope it brings you many hours of listening pleasure. 

Sample Credits (All attribution is courtesy, not obligatory by law): 

01 - Ignition 
“Backseat Phobia” - Better Than The Book (From the “One Small Step” EP) 
“Leaving Home [Paper Planes and Bottled Ships] - Better Than The Book (From the “One Small Step” EP) 
“Special Message to the Congress on Urgent National Needs”- John F. Kennedy 
“Rice Stadium Moon Speech”- John F. Kennedy 
Additional samples from the NASA Sound Archive 
Additional samples from freesound.org 

02 - Homecoming 
Additional samples from freesound.org 

03 - Hearts Racing 
“One Small Step Speech” – Neil Armstrong 

05 - Channel Surfing 
“Night of the Living Dead” 1968 - George A. Romero 
“1954 Commercial for the RCA ''Master 21'' television set” 
“And Then There Were None” 1945 - RenĂ© Clair 
“Woof Woof, Nag Nag” - Better Than The Book (From the “One Small Step” EP) 
''The Dennis Day Show'' - The Old Friend 
Additional samples from freesound.org 

06 - Cathode Ray Days 
Additional samples from freesound.org 

09 - Re: HipHopPunk 
“Cathode Ray Days” - Better Than The Book 

10 - Head Above Water [Feat. Cyberdevil] 
“Hearts Racing” - Better Than The Book 
Amen Break - “Amen Brother” - The Winstons* 
“One Small Step Speech” – Neil Armstrong 

*While the Amen Break is part of musical culture now and its copyright is grey, I want to say a big thanks to The Winstons for their contribution to music and give them the credit they deserve. I’ve put in my contribution and encourage others to do the same here: www.gofundme.com/amenbrother2 

Horn sounds courtesy of Session Horns by e-instruments 
Organ sounds courtesy of Kontakt by Native Instruments 
Drum sounds courtesy of Beat Basics 
Additional samples from various royalty free libraries 

Better Than The Book and Nick Standing are not endorsed by any of the organisations, bands or people mentioned in the above Sample Credits (Apart from obviously Better The The Book) 

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Better Than The Book is Nick Standing, AKA Jabun and anything he can find in the moment to create his beloved Ska Punk project. Feel free to keep up with his other musical endeavours and adventures on the JabunAudio Website, Facebook and Twitter. 

Copyright Better Than The Book 2016