March 8, 2017

[INTRODUCING CLIENTS] Fun Station For Kids New Animation Featuring Music by World Beyond

Introducing a new animation by Fun Station For Kids: "3 Little Raptors and the Bean Stalk". This cartoon is a fun dinosaur twist in this retelling of a children's classic, "Jack and the Bean Stalk". Children will find this classic makeover exciting and fun as they watch the adventures of Tiny, Whiny, Spiny and the big T-Rex.

Working on this project has been a lot of fun. Scoring for animation and motion picture is what I enjoy doing a lot, because this way you can see what's going on in a particular scene and enhance it with musical aids. The balance between epicness and humor is another healthy challenge when writing music for a children's cartoon. Amazing voice actors, one talented sound engineer and musician, one obsessive composer and one devoted animator formed a multinational team to bring you this classical fairy tale in a new setting. Hope you'll like it!

Music: Vladimir Kooznetzov -
Mix, Sound Design, Outro: Nick Standing -
Tiny & Parrot Voices: Sheila M. Lin -
Whiny & Spiny Voices: Evan Bremer -
Script, Characters, Scenery, Narration/T-Rex Voice & Animation: A. G. Houde