Sunday, October 7, 2018

[FEATURING ARTISTS] Jabun Audio Patreon Launched

Nick Standing, the man behind Better Than The Book, Jabun Audio and a member of World Beyond just launched a Patreon campaign. Starting from $1 USD per month not only you can support this talented artist and get generous rewards in return including his entire discography, getting new works ahead of the crowd, professional consulting and more. The crowdfunding will help him focus on what he does best, cover most of the production costs and potentially lead to more distribution options like vinyl disks and touring. You can check out all the reward tiers HERE but even the starter ones get you very generous gifts in return:

Saturday, September 1, 2018

[AUDIO TIPS] New Issue of Jabun Audio Monthly Newsletter is Focused on Recording Vocals and Different Types of Microphones

It's the beginning of another month which means another #JabunAudio music production newsletter has been sent out! This month we're looking into Dynamic vs Condenser Microphones for recording vocals in the studio, why Nick Standing opts for a Shure SM58 stage microphone for recording vocals, and why you might want to do the same depending on your situation!
If you’re recording in a less than ideal acoustic environment, as opposed to a vocal booth which has virtually no reverb, then a condenser mic may pick-up these room reflections when recording, or maybe even noise from outside if you’re not working in a soundproofed room. It may not sound significant, but if you’re going to heavily compress the vocals later on in the mix, these reverb tails and other artefacts will be amplified giving a less direct sounding vocal in the recording.
If that sounds interesting to you, sign up for free on the home page of we hope you enjoy it, and be sure to share with anyone you think would be interested!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

[BLOCKCHAINED] New Song Preview - To The Moon!

Check out this live performance preview of our new song called "To the Moon". Written and produced by Vladimir Kuznetsov with vocals and violin by Marica Vilibic, this is our second take on the wonderful world full of crypto memes and brave ideas. For more information, read the full post at

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

[APRIL UPDATE] New Album in the Works, Nick is Busy Writing Songs, Collaboration with an Amazing Violinist and Singer

It's been a while since I posted an update. That is because I decided to change my strategy for a bit and instead of uploading multiple easy-made tracks, focus on the quality of the material I'm working on, don't rush it for once and think everything through.
This year Nick Standing and I have something special for you in the works. For the first time in years we came together to record an instrumental rock album and right now I'm doing my best to make it sound better than anything that ever came out under the World Beyond brand. The details will come a bit later when I'm 100% confident in the final product.
Meanwhile, Nick is working on his own Better than the Book album, so please check his recently updated website at:
Collaboration is awesome, it's double that when you meet just the right people for the job. Recently, I started posting on and that was where I discovered a gorgeous violinist and singer Marica Vil. In the following podcast I talk about the process of creating Minnowsupport Lullaby, our first song written exclusively for the Steemit community, from its inception to video production.
On this positive note, I'm leaving you until the next time, friends, which hopefully isn't far off into the future. Take care!