Monday, June 26, 2017

[STOCK MUSIC]: Electronic Hybrid "Expedition" by World Beyond

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Hybrid track for documentaries, tv shows and videos about daring adventurers and pioneers.
With electronic synths, drum machine, electric guitar, grand piano and symphonic orchestra, set out for a journey like no other.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

[STOCK MUSIC] Motivational Instrumental "Uplifting" by World Beyond

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Uplifting is a cheerful instrumental featuring violins, cello, acoustic guitar, piano and a drum kit. With striking hooks, elegant arpeggios and powerful build-ups, this composition is a great choice for a wide variety of applications from advertising and film making to video blogging and slideshow videos.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

[STOCK MUSIC] Electronic Upbeat Instrumental "Adventure" by World Beyond

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Upbeat electronic track for travel and tourism promotion, documentaries and video blogs. Featuring acoustic guitar, symphonic orchestra, synthesizers and piano, Adventure is an inspired piece of music dedicated to modern explorers and travellers.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

[NEW ALBUM] Nick Standing presents "Daydream" by Jabun

The long awaited electronic album by Jabun has finally arrived. Inspired by the work of such renowned artists as Pink Floyd and Gorillaz, Daydream puts you in a very special place of synth heaven where you feel genuinely happy.  The album starts and ends with a beautiful ambient composition Dreaming: Parts I-VI which can be described as the epitome of heartwarming.

Here's what Nick has to say about his new work of musical art:
After 5 years of making music as Jabun, I finally release my debut full-length album, Daydream. In each track I hope you find a feeling, and enjoy the music. Feel free to explore the track descriptions here on Bandcamp for an insight into the inspiration for each track. I hope you enjoy them.
Daydream is available on Bandcamp: and other major digital music stores online:

Friday, March 31, 2017

[INTRODUCING CLIENTS] Fun Station For Kids' Humpty Dumpty Featuring Score by World Beyond

Everyone knows the children's story tale of Humpty Dumpty, but what REALLY happened to cause our egg-headed hero to fall off his wall? Could it have been an obscure arch-enemy who cooked up an ingenious scheme? And why couldn't the king's horses and men fix him up? Could it have been the six-million dollars that it would have taken to do the job? The unexpected answer is in the new episode of the dinosaur show by Fun Station For Kids! (And it's actually hilarious).

Music: Vladimir Kooznetzov -
Mix, Sound Design, Outro: Nick Standing -
Script, Characters, Scenery, Narration/T-Rex Voice & Animation: A. G. Houde