July 19, 2019

[NEW ALBUM] Better Than The Book Presents "Hopes and Dreams"

Following the release of 3 kick-ass singles, the new album by Nick Standing finally arrives in its full glory. Clocking at 39+ minutes of handcrafted ska-punk, this new artistic milestone for World Beyond's guitarist and top class musician Nick Standing is also a way to reach out to a wider community of like-minded people who turn to music for relatable stories and experiences. It is no accident that the autobiographical nature of lyrics makes you feel every story as your own. The happy memories that make us smile and the worrying memories that make us strong, the uneasy questions we ask ourselves today and the goals we set for tomorrow. 
Genuine and heartfelt, this is "Hopes and Dreams" by Better Than The Book.

Continuing straight from where Two Years On left off, 
Hopes and Dreams is Better Than The Book’s 2nd full length studio album. 

released July 19, 2019 

All tracks written, performed and produced by Nick Standing 
Recorded, mixed and mastered at JabunAudio by Nick Standing 
Album artwork by Nick Standing 
Press and lyric sheet photography by Roxi Abbott @roxisound 

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