August 4, 2019

Can You Feel the Love Tonight - New Take On Elton John's Timeless Classic

Listen and download:

There's nothing quite like childhood memories. Back then it all seemed like wonder, the cartoons we watched for the first time, the places we went to, the music we listened to growing up and the emotions we experienced. The Lion King was one of the most influential animations of our childhood and its masterpiece of a soundtrack will forever take a special place in our hearts. 

Today we reveal our special project produced in collaboration with singer and violinist Marica Vilibic. We're happy to share with you our cover of world renowned hit "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" originally by Elton John with lyrics by Tim Rice.

Marica who put all her heart and soul into this project delivered one of her most sincere and moving performances to date. From the highly emotional and melodic violin solo to passionate and engaging vocals. The music video produced in collaboration with Ratko Ilijic channels and amplifies these emotions with visuals to bring it on a whole another level.

In my turn, as the producer and arranger, I set a simple goal of combining the filmic and credits versions of the song and putting a trailer music spin on it. The lyrical structure was taken from the Elton John's song while the instrumentation and tempo heavily rely on the soundtrack version. For the climactic part, I felt necessary to introduce punchy studio drums as I found out that they blended nicely with the african percussion instruments and chanting which allowed to make this part of the song more rhythmical and powerful.

In the end, we're happy to finally have it released thanks to our awesome distributor Soundrop and just excited to see your reactions online so don't be shy and show Marica the love she deserves! 

As always waiting for your impressions, comments and criticism,
Vladimir Kuznetsov

From talented violinist and singer Marica Vilibic and Vladimir Kuznetsov, producer behind the World Beyond project, comes music featuring elements of various genres and media. Inspired by modern pop culture, re-imagined and enhanced, these songs present a unique take on musical works and soundtrack pieces famous among film and video game enthusiasts worldwide.
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