September 7, 2022

Switching to a New Distribution Company

In the light of my current music distributor Routenote not being able to process payouts due to the British government sanctions I've made a decision to move our discography to another distribution company. Routenote has been very helpful with resolving my issues all this time, they quickly responded to support tickets and overall did their best to make our tracks heard worldwide and as much as I'm sorry to leave, I think it will be for the best for both parties. This will be a gradual process which may result in duplicate releases or some albums being temporarily unavailable on some platforms. I wouldn't want all the time you spend listening to our music or the money you invest in it go to waste and I hope for your understanding. 
Just a friendly reminder: you can become a member of the World Beyond YouTube channel to receive bonus tracks, images, exclusive videos, discounts and a lot more to come to support me as I'm getting our next album Blindsight ready for release.
Thank you. 
Kind regards, Vladimir