November 5, 2022

New Album Blindsight Available 11.11.22

Available at: Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon / QQMusic / Netease Music / Pandora / Deezer

When the war is over, all that is left is but a rotting corpse of what could have been. In time, new grass will grow on the graves of the people who threw themselves on the gears of war to stall them. But they will never know about it. It is up to those who live to make the best of their legacy.

When I was working on Mindshell, I felt alone. It was a lot like writing profound letters describing in details what was happening inside of me - the war and chaos raging, corrupting me from the inside. I was sending these letters into the unknown and never hearing back. No response, complete isolation, cognitive darkness. I held onto that darkness in hope I would one day be able to sense something in it that would draw me back into the light.

Stumbling, falling, crawling I was blindly following that path I had chosen. Over time, it started to feel like I wasn't the only one on that path, I just couldn't see the others. Side by side we were all walking in the same direction.
It could take several billion years for a photon to complete its journey across the universe and finally reach its destination, yet because it moves with the speed of light, for a photon there is no concept of time - from the perspective of a photon, this journey must be next to simultaneous. One could say a photon always knows its destiny.

The ability to look into the future from the darkness of today and see something that doesn't yet exist where we are headed is what makes us human. A promise of a better tomorrow. I want World Beyond to inspire those looking for their own path to strive for humanity and benevolence above all else because in this we shall never be alone. The only war worth fighting is the one inside our minds.

After a long wait, our new album Blindsight is finally available at online music services featuring remastered Mental Omega tracks with live instruments recorded by Maritza Vilibic (violin, vocals) and Nicholas Standing as well as original works. It took dozens of hours to finish each track and the final days have been the toughest. Just as much time is needed to animate the videos, so I hope in the end the wait is worth it.

With special thanks to Speeder, Nicholas Standing, Maritza Vilibic, David Klein II, Anthony G. Houde and 厄普西隆心灵专家.

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