August 19, 2023

Eva and Nick's Wedding

This post is a special occasion as I would like to congratulate my friends Eva and Nick on their Wedding Day! 

I've known Nick Standing since the track Mountains of Gold for which he kindly agreed to record acoustic guitar back in 2013 on Newgrounds. I was so impressed by his guitar composition Mayhem Market that I couldn't think of a better musician for that role and I'm happy to say that he only excelled at his craftsmanship several amazing albums later as  Better than the BookJabun  and guitarist and a member of World Beyond. I am happy that Eva, the most caring, smart and hardworking person I've encountered, and Nick, a real gentleman whose openness, honesty,  skill and expertise are inseparable traits, met each other and became a couple.

Dear Eva and Nick!We all come from the stars and therefore, no matter the distance, we will always be connected through them. Please accept my most heartfelt congratulations on your wedding! May the future hold enough meteors to grant you any wish you might ever have!It brings me great joy to know little sky gems like you two always look after each other!

Check out the song by Better than the Book -1314 which Nick wrote to propose to Eva (and she said YES!)